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Barricade – Early Render Wallpaper

Barricade is quite a new Decepticon character to me. I have no recollection whatsoever of him in any previous Transformer cartoon.

Like the Optimus Prime wallpaper, this is probably an early render – but probably would be very similar to what he is going to look like in the movie.

2 sizes as usual.



Leave me some thoughts if you have any – about what you think about him.

Personally, I think his insect like face really looks badass!


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17 Responses to “Barricade – Early Render Wallpaper”

  1. TomNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, it’s Waspinator’s long lost brother.

  2. Sort of looks like Prowl after being put through a metal shredder.

  3. NASHTK241No Gravatar says:

    What the hell is going on with there faces? Im loving the body but come on guys those heads are not TRANSFORMERS. Please DREAMWORKS change there heads to a more GEN 1 look!!!


  4. DeathAxeNo Gravatar says:

    looks nice! and btw nash, if it says transformers, and it is offical then it IS transformers. So there :)

  5. CybermanNo Gravatar says:

    You guys suck ass. This kicks ass and have you ever seen Optimus,Megatron,and starscream not just in GEN 1? This Might not be Gen 1 and it is the future geez1

  6. ianNo Gravatar says:

    I used to have a toy of barricade, he was a decepticon car in G1 too, he was a micromaster:

  7. HarbXNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the info ian. Looks like he is totally different from his past appearances in the Transformers universe.

    Still like it. :)

  8. McFlyWalkerNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t help but notice how similar to Megatron the face looks! Brother, or the pre-visualisations of “Megatron” weren’t him at all!
    Only design problem so far is BumbleBee’s “Batteries Not Included” head.

  9. danielsemperNo Gravatar says:

    Its head is redundant, looks the same as Megatron’s head.

    Where is the imagination???

    The cool thing about the Original tv series was that Decepticons (for example: Starscream) didn´t need to look like monsters to be the evil ones.

  10. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    The guy has 4 eyes…. and a face that looks like a mutated crab… please this creature is too hidious for words… it’s an embarrassment for everything what has to do with Transformers! If this is really what they have in mind for the upcoming movie, it will be the biggest dissapointment in filmhistory ever. I know they want to sell new toys but COMMON’!! Johnny 5/Short Circuit, Robocop, The Terminator if they had the ability to transform and they would call those movies The Transformers, I would have believed that rather than these wannabee transformer jokers.

  11. jrod1019No Gravatar says:

    I agree danielsemper what the hell is with there faces! The bodies I can deal with they look cool. But the faces leaves no expresion of how theres some humanity in them wether good or evil. That was cool in the cartoon you could tell what they were thinking or feeling depending on the situation. That just added personality to the character that we all remeber them so well. This junk about them all looking alike sounds like lazines to me. I would undestand it if it were the Insecticons, but all the bad guys? Talk about wicked money shot.

  12. The most decent looking of all the tfs seen so far (or the only decent looking actually;))

    Oh and Barricade was also the name of the main component of Bruticus Maximus -from Energon.


  13. Ian CainNo Gravatar says:

    He looks so sweet. It looks like took little pice from every part he was in which is okay with me.

  14. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    Please make ‘m look like Transformers, or don’t bother at all.

  15. Transformers Robots

    If you're an old fart like me and actually grew up in

  16. Zara SironNo Gravatar says:

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  17. xideNo Gravatar says:

    of course by the time i find this wallpaper, hasbro has to ask for it to be removed! now i’m searching all over google trying to find someone with this wallpaper, but all i get are small resolutions of it…please email me a 1280×1024 version!!!